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Active Parenting Program

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Active Parenting will give you skills to achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life... and help your children achieve greater happiness and success.  You'll Learn 7 strategies for school success, along with positive discipline and communication techniques to help your family run more smoothly.  The heart of the matter is the increased JOY you will experience as a family.  Since 1983 over three million parents have learned from this dynamic, entertaining, and fun-filled video and discussion program--and now, so can you!

Skills You Will Learn

Master Critical Skills needed for parenting in the 21st century.  

Children grow up so fast and today they face an unsettling world.  You need all the skills you can get as soon as you can get them.  The time you spend in this class is a good investment in making the years ahead easier for you and more promising for your precious child.  


Using Effective Communication Skills


Active Communication


The Power of Encouragement


Holding Family meetings


Feelings, Empathy & Problem-Solving

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Eliminating Power Struggles

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